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Zip Curtain

Motorized Zip Curtain Models, Prices

What is Zip Curtain?

Zip curtains, which are the most preferred curtain type of recent times, provide a practical ease of use. The most striking feature of these curtains, which have an aesthetic appearance, is that they save energy. Zip curtain, which is generally preferred in commercial enterprises, is also called zipper curtain.

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What are the Usage Areas of Zip Curtain?

The main purpose of this curtain, which is equipped with a specially produced roller blind fabric, is to prevent the usage area from being affected by weather conditions. It has started to be used in homes as well as meeting your needs in terms of durability and resistance. It should also be noted that zip curtains produced from quality fabrics work with automatic systems.

Zip Curtain Systems and Technical Features

The zip curtain system is supported by a very modern formation. These curtains, which provide extraordinary dimension, are also used in cases where classical curtains do not meet the need. In addition, the zip curtain system, which draws attention with its color and texture, adds an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is used. The curtains, which can be used in all seasons, also have the feature of shading the sun’s rays.
Produced in accordance with the principle of durability, zip curtains have a rainproof feature. In this way, it provides comfort in rainy weather. It is also known to be effective against the wind because it has a perforated structure. Zipr curtains, which can be viewed both inside and outside, also have the advantage of keeping the heat inside.
 It should not be forgotten that these curtains, which offer many technical details together, provide full protection against insects and flies. Zipr curtain systems, the main purpose of which is to shade the usage area, actually knows no limits in functionality. In this way, it can make its spaces look more glamorous.
Zip curtain offers many advantages in terms of technical features. First of all, in addition to being zippered and motorized, the following features come to the fore.
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Zip Curtain Outdoor

What are the General Features of Zip Curtain?

Those who want to have an extremely durable and strong and flexible roller blind have started to use zip curtains. Because all the details used in the production of these curtains are supported by the latest technologies. Along with the services we offer in this regard, you can also use many advantages of the zip curtain, which is one of the highest quality curtain types.


Zip curtains produced with high technologies are now used in many areas. The detail of the roller blinds in these products, which are extremely flexible, also allows you to use a new generation. Zip curtain, also known as special roller blinds, is distinguished from classical roller blinds because it is modern and technological. Businesses that want to make real profits continue to use these products, which also save money in many ways. The most important feature of roller blinds is that they are suitable for all seasons. In other words, it should not be forgotten that the roller blinds, which you can meet your wishes and needs in all four seasons, also adjust the time to benefit from sunlight.


Zip curtains are produced with a wide variety of fabrics. In this way, you can adjust the heat and light you want to take advantage of. In addition, the temperature and light of the environment in which it is used is in the hands of the user. Thanks to the different equipment and models, you can experience the best results when using the curtain.


You can see that these curtains, which made a difference in European countries, have been preferred in our country for a long time. Zip curtains, where design and imagination meet and supported by technology, are designed to change your perspective.

Advantages of Zip Curtain Fabric

First of all, the zip curtain, which is offered for use with the roller blind, is resistant to tearing and abrasion. It provides easy maintenance and has a flat surface. In this way, there will be no problems during the installation and maintenance process. Due to the shape of the fabric, it offers a long-term use. It should be noted that this product, which has an aesthetic appearance, can be used easily in cafes.

Zip roller blinds, which are among the heat-saving curtain models, are produced with a motorized zipper system. In this way, external factors such as wind and cold are prevented. Businesses that do not want to be affected by heavy seasonal conditions should now use zip roller blinds to ensure air circulation in the space. 

Zip roller blinds, which also keep the air in the environment clean, prevent you from encountering problems such as sagging and wrinkling. Because the curtain fabric has a non-sagging structure. It should not be forgotten that these products, which always look beautiful in terms of design, are used together with tools such as mosquito nets and blinds. As a result, it prevents pests from entering while providing sun control.

Zip Curtain Indoor Use, Its Advantages

This product, which adds comfort and elegance to spaces, always draws attention among zippered curtain models as it is supported by technology. The zip curtain, which can be managed with a remote control and has a zipper, is effective in creating a dimly lit environment in interior designs. In addition, it is produced in different colors and models according to the usage area indoors.

Zip roller blinds, which are generally used as cafe curtains, are now preferred in offices. Moreover, it can be used effectively in areas where it is desired to be divided into compartments in workplaces. It is known to be one of the indispensable products of interior design because it is functional and adds an aesthetic appearance to the space. The quality of the material and fabric texture has enabled this product to be used in restaurants as well.

Zip Curtain Outdoor Use, Its Advantages

These curtains, which can be used to achieve a more aesthetic appearance in outer pockets, can be controlled with a remote control. Zip roller blinds, which are used effectively for the protection of exterior facades, add freshness to the area where they are used, as they do not transmit light. Zip roller blinds, which continue to function as outdoor curtains today, continue to attract attention with different designs.

Business owners looking to create indoor spaces can use zip screens to support their designs. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these products are preferred for indoor areas to achieve an appearance that will attract attention from the outside. Then, zip curtains must be used to protect both indoor and outdoor spaces from weather conditions and to achieve an aesthetic appearance. We provide detailed information to our customers in this regard, as well as enable you to choose the right curtains for your interior and exterior spaces at the most affordable prices, and we continue our work with customer satisfaction.

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