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Winter Garden Curtain

Winter Garden Curtain Systems Models and Prices

Winter Garden Curtain Features

Ceiling curtains applied in spaces with glass ceilings are systems installed on the roof of the area. The winter garden curtain, which is preferred in restaurants, cafes, homes, offices, gardens and workplaces, is produced from materials that are resistant to factors such as snow, rain, heat and humidity. Ceiling curtain systems, which bring a beautiful appearance in places where mostly motorized systems are used, are used manually in low ceiling spaces.

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Winter garden curtains, which are used as indoor curtains, can be used anywhere with a glass ceiling. These systems, which are not resistant to external factors, are not recommended to be used outdoors. In addition, pleated curtain system is recommended for inclined parts. Likewise, it can be preferred as manual or motorized.

Motorized winter garden curtain systems provide practical use with multi-control support. When we look at curtain fabrics, rich fabric types are observed. In these systems, where polyester roller blind fabric, Sunscreen roller blind fabric, Blackout roller blind fabric and pleated curtain fabrics are preferred, a rich color variety is also offered.

Which of these applications, which is a quality and comprehensive indoor curtain, should be used is actually determined by the area to be applied. It should also be noted that these systems, which are also preferred in the garden environment, add a magnificent appearance to the area where they are used.

As the name suggests, these curtains, which are used more frequently in winter gardens, have started to be popular in recent years. Individuals apply to the winter garden curtain application to spend more comfortable time at home or on their balconies. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these products, which are prepared with beautiful details in terms of comfort and convenience, are decorated with curtain applications to gain visuality. In summary, the most important features of winter garden curtains are listed as follows;

  • It has remote controlled, manual and motorized mechanical systems.
  • It is made of duet, pleat, bamboo, sunscreen, fabric and wicker.
  • Reminiscent of folded curtains. Naturally, when the mechanism is activated, it gathers the curtain in layers.
  • It can cut the sun’s heat by up to 80 percent.


Winter Garden Curtain Usage

There are also some advantages of using curtains in the winter garden. First of all, the direct arrival of sun rays disrupts the temperature balance and disturbs people. However, when viewed from the outside, the inside of the garden can also be seen. As a result, winter garden curtains are preferred in order to avoid these problems.

In garden applications, the upper part of which is covered with glass, ceiling curtains are made to protect from the sun. As a result of a measured and detailed study, a curtain system can be installed and controlled with a remote control. In applications made only to block the sun, a sunshade curtain system is used.

Since the winter garden curtains are motorized, they allow the garden windows to be closed at the desired time. Since it works with an automatic system, it cuts the light and heat coming from outside whenever you want. Since it is among the most preferred models today, its usage area continues to increase. The winter garden curtain, which can be used for the same purpose as a ceiling curtain, can also be mounted on the ceiling part of the roof. Since the roof curtain application actually works with fully automatic systems, the type of fabric to be chosen is important. Quality should be a priority in these systems where special fabrics that will directly block the sunlight are used. Because for a healthy use, long-term choices must be made.

Pleated curtains are mostly used in these applications. Because it also provides heat and solar control as the most suitable curtain type for gable roof and ceiling curtain. You can use the numbers prepared with the system thanks to the digital control screen. We continue to provide customer satisfaction as we use the best quality curtains in motorized pan curtain systems.

Sunscreen curtains are also the most preferred models for this application. Equipped with many fabric and color options, these curtains have a transparent appearance. There is also a special permeability option. Today, it is also called sunshade curtain. These curtains, which have a modern look, are also ideal for health. Because no chemicals are used in the production process. It prevents bad rays from reaching the environment and does not encounter situations such as wear and fading.


Winter Garden Curtain Usage Areas

Now, new systems have started to be used in the ceiling of the winter gardens. In addition, the winter garden curtain draws attention to the roof of the cafes. Also known as ceiling curtain, the other name of this application is Winter Garden Curtain. These curtains, which are functional enough, are also trend and stylish curtain systems. The most important purpose of use is to provide the balance in the ambient temperature. In addition, these systems, which protect the furniture in the space from the sun, keep the energy in the space at a high level. The winter garden curtain, which adds aesthetic features to the decor of the space, can cause some problems in high ceilings.


Triangle Roof Curtain Models

Ceiling curtains are mostly used in areas with high ceilings. These curtains are also remote controlled like motorized systems. Similarly, it is possible to apply the same systems to the triangle roof curtain models. As such, it offers the chance to manage the entire system individually or at the same time. It should not be forgotten that these products, which are preferred to provide heat and sun control, are used for a long time.

Winter garden curtain models, which have a modern appearance, are now used in restaurants. Because it should not be forgotten that these systems, which show the area in which they are used, are supported by quality fabrics. Our company offers the necessary studies for every company that wants to receive service in this regard and ensures the satisfaction of its customers.


Winter Garden Curtain Prices

The prices of the winter garden curtain vary according to the width and size of the usage area. Since it is one of the trend curtain systems of recent years, it can be used in the garden, in offices with a roof and everywhere. As a result, you can have clear information about prices after the measurements to be taken. The prices of the winter garden curtains of the restaurants and cafes with the standard dimensions of the ceiling are very economical. Of course, you may encounter different pricing in places with wider and longer roofs. However, we always continue to serve at affordable prices in the winter garden curtains, where we always use quality fabrics. It is enough to contact our company to have all the details without waiting any longer.


Winter Garden Curtain Models

We recommend you to visit our company in order to reach beautiful colors and models. Because these systems should be fully supported with trend models according to the area in which they will be used. The same is true for your winter garden designs. However, in places such as offices or restaurants, modern colors should always be preferred in order not to spoil the decor.

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