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Screen Curtain

Curtains are one of the most used items in homes today. Curtains are often preferred in terms of both protection from light and hiding private life. For this reason, curtains are bought by most people who have settled in a new house or are not satisfied with their old curtains. It is useful to know that there are many types of curtains related to this subject. One of them is the screen curtain option. Thanks to this curtain model, both an aesthetic appearance is provided and a more comfortable use advantage is achieved at home. There are many companies that are already selling in the market for screen curtains. Among them, the main ones come to the forefront in terms of quality in the production and sale of screen curtains. When choosing curtains, customers should pay attention to this issue and buy their curtains from companies that produce high quality curtains.

Screen Roller Blinds

Screen roller blind option is known to have many features. However, this curtain model is mostly produced in France and distributed to the world from this region. It should be added that there have been developments in the production of Screen roller blinds in our country in recent years. But in general, production is concentrated in the aforementioned region of France.

Thanks to this curtain model, your home will have a more comfortable and spacious look. Thanks to its special transparent structure, there will be no difference between inside and outside. The biggest reason why users living in houses with a view often prefer the Screen roller blind model is due to its transparency. In addition, thanks to the special parts inside, it filters the sunlight in a way that does not harm the air of your home. In addition, due to its transparent structure, it will be conducive to the full benefit of the sun’s rays for the flowers you will put on the edge of the glass. In the meantime, it should not be overlooked that the relevant curtain model gives a panoramic view.

Screen Curtain Prices

Screen curtain prices may have different options on the basis of price due to certain features. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the content and purpose of use when purchasing a product. In this way, you will not encounter any problems after purchasing your product. Regarding the screen curtain prices, the prices can vary between 10-100 $ L. The figures above the ceiling price can also be determined by the brands. However, it should not be forgotten that the increased prices are naturally due to the increase in the length, width and usage area of the curtain. Prices may decrease at certain times of the year and become more affordable.

For this, it is useful to follow the brands and discount times. Especially with the beginning of the wedding season towards the summer months, there is an increase in the purchase of curtains according to the demand by people who want to design their homes. This naturally leads to a regulation in favor of customers on Screen curtain prices. Therefore, it would be better for customers to buy curtains to wait for the summer months. However, it is recommended that customers complete their curtain purchases quickly, taking into account the potential density and increase in demand.

What is Screen Curtain?

The best answer to the question of what is a screen curtain is the preferred curtain model for the purposes of full contact with the sun or moonlight coming from outside and increasing the visual richness. In this way, a more comfortable and spacious usage environment can be provided at home. Thanks to its panoramic feature, you can take beautiful landscape photos. In the meantime, thanks to the energy savings it provides, it satisfies the curiosity of users who ask the question of what is a Screen curtain. Because it provides heat and sound insulation, it will allow users to feel comfortable in the house. In addition, it will be conducive to a certain reduction in the heating bills coming to the house.

When we look at what a screen curtain is, we see that it is different from blackout curtains. Blackout curtains generally prevent the passage of heat, sound or light from outside to inside. This only works for users during sleep. At other times, it causes them to stay in a dark environment. In order to avoid this situation, customers naturally turn to screen curtain models. Thus, it has the opportunity to watch the outside and benefit from the sunlight during the day. In the meantime, it should be added that the relevant curtain model is produced in EU standards, originating from the main place where it was produced. Thus, we can say that it has a modern look. It is out of question for any company or brand that cannot meet these standards to officially produce this curtain model.

For this reason, it is necessary for customers to purchase from reliable brands and curtain makers who produce in accordance with the relevant standards. Meanwhile, the relevant curtain model is divided into two as automatic and manual systems. In manual systems, you make the curtain adjustment yourself. In automatic curtain models, on the other hand, it is possible to open, close or open your curtain up to a certain part through your control specially produced for your curtain. Of course, prices vary depending on the model you buy. It is worth adding that curtain models with automatic feature are one click more expensive than manual models. Unlike this, manual models 3 and automatic systems are within the scope of warranty period up to 5 years. If you encounter any problems during these periods, it is possible to have your curtains repaired and reused at no cost.

Sun Screen Curtain

In addition to the classic screen curtain option, the sun screen curtain model has been developed recently. Therefore, customers have started to show interest in this curtain model. It is a sunshade model. That’s why it is used at home. At noon, when the sun is at its strongest, people, flowers, etc. It provides full protection so that it is not adversely affected. Because of this feature, it has taken the name sun screen curtain. Due to the fact that it cuts the sun’s rays or reduces it to a certain extent, it prevents electrical devices from overheating and exploding due to light. When the harmful effect of sunlight decreases, the sun screen feature can be disabled and used as a normal screen. Especially in motorized models, this adjustment can be made quickly. In manual models, you have to make this setting manually.

Sun Shading Curtain

In order to have a sunshade curtain, your house must be specially designed for this curtain model. Because most curtain models cannot adapt to the house they are in, they cannot provide the desired level of protection or privacy. In order not to experience this situation on the basis of sunshade curtains, customers should get support from the company from which they will buy the relevant curtain and complete the transactions accordingly. In addition, it is important for customers to properly measure their homes in terms of curtain length and width. Otherwise, the desired level of protection will not be provided.

Regarding sunshade curtains, curtain brands offer their services during working hours. In this context, it is important for customers to contact the relevant companies and ask what they are wondering about the curtain. In addition, if it is understood, expert teams can be sent to observe whether the curtains will be compatible with the house or not. Then, the price stage is started and if it is understood at this stage, the installation part begins.

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