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Roller Blinds

As a result of developing curtain technologies, users want to use curtains with different features and appearances in their homes or buildings. In line with this request, the interest in roller blind products has increased intensely. Roller blinds, which have been frequently seen in homes in recent years, get full marks from users with both their decorative elegance and modern appearance. There are also many companies that are already producing and selling roller blinds. These companies constantly update the curtain catalog for their customers and try to fully adapt to changing customer demands.

Store Curtain

Store curtain stands out as a product that has recently started to be preferred in homes. In this respect, it can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even in sinks. Ease of use and stylish appearance are the two biggest factors in choosing store curtains. In this way, it should be added that the products look quite high quality. Related to this, the products are produced from quality parts. This ensures that it can be used durablely for many years.

The product is produced according to certain criteria. The windows, draperies, etc. in the homes of the customers who will buy store curtains from everything. They need to determine whether it is compatible with the model they will buy. For this, they need to measure. Otherwise, the curtains will not have the desired protection or stylish appearance. This, of course, is something that customers who buy for these purposes do not want. In order to avoid this situation, you should make your measurements clearly before purchasing and inform the relevant curtain manufacturers or brands about these measurements. Then comes the installation phase.

Whether your window opens inwards or outwards during the installation phase affects the design of the curtains. Since the windows in Turkey are usually opened to the inside, no extra adjustments are made at the point of installing the curtains. However, in case this situation is reversed in some windows, the curtains are adjusted by the mounting elements to keep up with this changing situation. Then, it is checked for which part the relevant curtain model will be used and how many pieces there will be. In this way, the problems with the curtains are completed before the installation is completed and it is ensured that they can be personalized according to the area in which they are used. Finally, the installation process is completed and it is ready for use.

Roller Blind Prices

The prices of this curtain model, which is the most used on the basis of the curtain sector, also vary. Therefore, it is not possible to derive average values. Because each company determines prices according to its own production conditions, standards and distribution criteria. This affects the chance of customers to find the most suitable price in the context of roller blind prices. However, it should be noted that this curtain model, which will be used for one piece or for a single room, does not have a price range that will leave the customers in a very difficult situation among the roller blind prices. In other words, users from all walks of life can buy this product to make their home look stylish. The important thing here is to determine the product or price that is suitable for the house and the budget from the list of roller blind prices. For this, it is recommended that customers make their choices by doing some market research and product analysis.

Roller Blind Models

In general, roller blinds models are gathered in certain categories. Thus, customers can choose the product that is suitable for their home in a more comfortable way. However, it is useful to get support from an expert team when making a choice. Thus, what can be done with the demands will meet on the same denominator. Returning to the subject, zebra tulle models are used the most among the roller blind models. It should be known that this model is frequently preferred because it provides ease of use and does not take up much space. In addition to these reasons, it is at the top of the list of the most preferred roller blind models in terms of price. After the relevant model, polyester roller blinds and double tulle roller blinds come. Again, these products, like other products in this category, stand out in terms of ease of use and aesthetic appearance. It should also be taken into account that the biggest factor in attracting customers to these models is that they completely cover the window. When the products are purchased online, the mentioned situation will be revealed when the comments made under it are looked at. Because indeed, since users tend to provide both protection and privacy, roller blinds that provide this are in serious demand.


Stor konusunda müşterilerin kafasını karıştıran en büyük konunun kurulum olduğu bilinmektedir. Bu noktada satın alım işlemleri tamamlandıktan sonra kurulum ve montaj ekibi perdenin kurulacağı alana gelmektedir. Profesyonel ve işinin uzmanı olan kurulum ekibi çok kısa bir süre içerisinde stor kurma işlemini tamamlamaktadır. Bu esnada ne perdeye ne de perdenin takılacağı alana hiçbir zarar verilmemektedir. İşinde uzman olan ekipler bu işi daha önce defalarca yaptığından ötürü profesyonellik ve kalite konusunda asla taviz vermemektedir. Bu da müşterilerin stor taktırma hususundaki endişelerinin ortadan kalkmasına vesile olmaktadır. Zaten ilgili perde modeli kurulum konusunda da büyük avantajlar sağlamaktadır. Tek bir pencere için takılacak olan perdenin kurulum süresi maksimum 10 dakika olacak şekildedir. Buradan hareketle tüm bir eve takılacak olan bu perde modelinin kurulum süresi 1 saat civarında tamamlanabilmektedir. Bu da müşterilerin neden ilgili perde modeline bu kadar rağbet gösterdiğini kanıtlamaktadır.

It is known that the biggest issue that confuses customers about blinds is installation. At this point, after the purchasing process is completed, the installation and assembly team comes to the area where the curtain will be installed. The professional and expert installation team completes the blind installation process in a very short time. In the meantime, neither the curtain nor the area where the curtain will be attached is damaged. The teams that are experts in their work never compromise on professionalism and quality as they have done this job many times before. This, in turn, helps to eliminate the worries of customers about installing blinds. The related curtain model also provides great advantages in installation. The installation time of the curtain to be installed for a single window is a maximum of 10 minutes. From this point of view, the installation time of this curtain model, which will be attached to a whole house, can be completed in around 1 hour. This proves why customers are so in demand for the relevant curtain model.

Roller Sunshade

Curtains are used in order to be protected from these rays in the summer months when the sun enters the houses intensely and increases the temperature. However, the curtain model chosen at this stage is extremely important. In this respect, the use of curtains with roller blinds enables customers to continue their lives in their homes more comfortably. For this reason, the fact that the curtain to be chosen has the feature of roller blinds will be conducive to the users to stay in the house more comfortably, especially in summer months. However, when choosing roller blinds, users should not compromise on quality and should choose curtains accordingly. Otherwise, curtains that do not fully protect will cause problems for their users in the later stages. In addition, it will not be able to give the desired efficiency in terms of washing and looking neat. In order to avoid these, users should consult the relevant brand and choose a model suitable for their own home while purchasing curtains with sunshade feature.

Types of Roller Blinds

There are many types and models of curtains. This subject is completely valid in the category of roller blinds. You should determine the suitable one from tulle, zebra, silk or other fabric types. If you wish, the installation teams of the company that you will negotiate on your behalf also perform this process free of charge. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the job to the specialist. Thus, you will be saved from time and extra costs. In other matters, the company you will contact will definitely provide you with the necessary support. If you encounter a problem during or after the sale or purchase, your company will take the necessary measures for you free of charge. Of course, you should not forget that this situation will progress in parallel with the warranty period of the curtain you will buy. By evaluating all these, you can look at the types of roller blinds. Thus, you can make your choice of roller blinds.

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