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Motorized Stage Curtain

Motorized Stage Curtain Models, Prices

Motorized Stage Curtains

The type of curtain used in areas such as cinemas and cultural centers with an aesthetic appearance is called motorized stage curtain. These curtain systems work with button, remote control, motor and reditor. The rails of the stage curtains that open to the right and left are very robust as they are made of aluminum materials. There are carrier wagons and wheels on the rails on the stage curtains that can be used for a long time. Motorized curtains, which generally work with 4 wheels and steel axles, are supported by scratching hooks.

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Motorized Stage Curtain Systems

Motorized stage curtain, which provides aesthetic integrity to the area it is used, also comes to the fore with its functionality. These curtains, which are produced from quality fabrics, are in accordance with the non-flammability norm. It should not be forgotten that stage curtains, which are equipped with different color options, offer various combinations together.

Stage curtain

Theater etc. Stage curtain is the most important visual decor for places. Color quality is as important as the quality of the curtain for both the stage structure and the decoration of the environment. Although the stage curtain colors are generally known as red or black, the situation is very different from the original. Curtains in more than tens of colors are produced and used.

As Dekoray curtain, we are at your side with all the curtain models and prices you need, as well as color models. Please contact us for a wider variety of patterns and colors other than the colors you see in our sample color scale.

Stage Curtain Colors

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Stage Curtain Color Scale

Roll Up Stage Curtain

Stage Curtain Systems

These products, which are frequently encountered in conference rooms and theaters, are operated with a remote control. Although it can be opened left and right in some scenes, it can be used in upward balloon opening systems. The motorized stage curtain, which is generally made of silk fabric, looks beautiful in appearance.

There are rails on our curtain system that provide the incoming and outgoing of the curtain. On both sides of these rails, there are wagons that have a carrier function and are made of polyamide materials. The wagons, which act as locks, are also connected with screws to ensure security. In the same system, there are also stage curtain systems, direction and rotation rollers.

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains, which must be suitable for the dimensions of the stage to be used, work with a motor. In this process, it is imperative that the motor systems are of high quality and produced in a structure that is not affected by voltages. As a company, we continue to produce the highest quality motorized stage curtains and we provide high satisfaction in this regard.

Motorized Stage Curtain Models

Stage curtains add aesthetic integrity to the space where they are first used. It is also extremely effective with its functionality. These systems, in which shirred stage curtain fabrics are used, also draw attention with their acoustic properties. There are multiple color options in stage curtains, where velvet fabrics are most preferred. In addition, motorized stage curtain models can be used in different ways according to their functionality.
Motorized stage curtains are produced with suitable projects according to the preferred quantity and fabric. Engine types are also selected in accordance with these fabrics. In these systems, which eliminate the problems seen in manually operated stage curtains today, curtains that can be moved easily can be applied with a remote control or a button. Moreover, motorized stage curtain models do not require the use of human power thanks to the engine.
Curtains that open upwards among motorized stage curtains are also preferred recently. These systems can also be used manually. This application, also known as the whirling curtain, increases the visual appearance during the gathering. Since it is closed as a single piece, it ensures the emergence of acoustic sound. It is generally supported by velvet materials.

Features of Motorized Stage Curtain

The motorized stage curtain, produced with acoustic fabrics, is used with the most suitable motor types for the application quantity and weight. The main stage curtains, which are the most important part of the stage curtains, are the most ornate and large curtains of the theatre. That’s why there are different types of main stage curtains.

We strongly recommend that you contact our company first for professional and high quality stage curtain models for small or large projects. Because you can start using the stage curtains that we offer according to every budget by choosing the one you want.

The stage curtain should be such that it covers the entire stage. In addition to being large in volume, the fabric of the stage curtains, which should be thin and light, should also be high. Because the curtains, which will move in a light wind, spoil the visuality. Do not forget that motorized stage curtains, which should have a normal thickness, are also supported by interesting options in terms of color. In general, red and blue tones are the most preferred colors among motorized stage curtain models.

How should the stage curtain be?

The stage curtain used in presentation, conference and theater performance halls should primarily be used with motorized systems. Because the movement of the curtain without movement is very important in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, it is always advantageous to use motorized stage curtains instead of human power.

Stage curtains with different operating systems must be prepared as required by the place where they will be used. Therefore, we can say that velvet fabrics are used. The thickness of the stage curtains used when hosting different institutions or people should be at a normal level. Although there is no limitation in color selection, striking and bright colors can be preferred. Stage curtains, which should be light-proof, should cover the entire stage. The most important condition is that these curtains, which are selected from non-light and high-quality fabrics, are durable.

Motorized Stage Curtain Prices

The prices of these products, namely Motorized Stage Curtain prices, are offered by our company with favorable advantages. Of course, it is a little more costly than manual applications due to its motorized systems. However, it has started to be preferred in many areas due to its lifetime use.

Theater Curtain Models

Do not forget that the theater curtain models that can be used without causing work accidents and these curtains, which will give the stage an aesthetic appearance, are produced by considering the interior phenomenon. Motorized curtain systems, which guarantee the pleasure of high-view theater curtain models, are also produced with different features such as acoustic curtain and fire curtain. It will be sufficient to contact us to examine these products, which we produce in accordance with the non-flammability norm, with different fabric and color options and to get detailed information about Motorized Stage Curtain prices.


theatre curtains

Curtains, which are used in theaters, cinemas and various halls, that require both theatre curtains usability and visuality, are called stage curtains . There is a wide variety of curtain systems used for these purposes. Design can be made in line with requests, taking into account the visuality, as well as the shape of the motorized systems and the curtain collection mechanism and usability.

The stage curtain is one of the most important elements for cinemas, theaters and similar special performance centers. Therefore, it must be designed and installed with great care. Both experience and professionalism should be decisive in your choice in this theatre curtains sense. Motorized curtains , which can be controlled with a remote control or button , are the most used ones today compared to the old type curtains. While motorized screen is a great convenience, some scenes may require the use of more than one motor due to their size. You should determine and decide this together with a team that draws attention with its professionalism, such as Gündüzler Curtain Systems team.


red theatre curtains

While the stage curtain is being installed, every stage from the production of the curtains to the assembly, quality tests and design requires professionalism. At each stage, both meticulousness and competence are required. Therefore , red theatre curtains the stage curtain application is a special process for you. Different details such as the installation of fire-resistant curtains in accordance with international standards, the establishment of a quality and long-lasting mechanism are the ones that should definitely not be overlooked.

You can choose the design of your curtain from the options offered, or you can red theatre curtains choose a design specific to your stage. In this regard, Gündüzler Curtain Systems team , which draws attention with its expertise, experience and knowledge, will help and guide you. Thus, by making your choices easily, you can have a magnificent curtain as soon as possible. Since the system is much more detailed than a simple screen, care and professionalism are absolutely essential.

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