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Motorized Roller Blinds

Motorized Roller Blind Models, Prices

Motorized Roller Blinds

The motorized roller blind, which has the most practical use today, also draws attention with its controlled mechanism. These curtains, which you can easily use in both working areas and living areas, offer an aesthetic appearance to the areas of use. In addition, it adds a modern atmosphere to the environment with its different designs.

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What is Motorized Roller Blind?

Curtains, which provide living spaces with an aesthetic appearance, are actually known as the most important items. Curtains, which can be seen from the inside and outside of the house, can now offer modern looks together. When curtain designs are examined, it is seen that the classical models are now replaced by roller blinds. For this reason, you can start making choices that suit your own tastes thanks to the motorized roller blinds produced using all the possibilities of technology.

Note that these products, which can be opened and closed with a control mechanism, are ordered with a practical use option. Because after choosing between colors and models, you can start using it in any area you want with a motor mechanism.

How Does Motorized Curtain Work?

Motorized blinds are used not only in roller blinds but also in jalousie blinds. Working principles are provided with a special cornice or roller blind systems. Smart device synchronization can also be done in these systems, which are activated by remote control. Sometimes it can work with a button placed anywhere in the house or office. The motor, which is first attached to the profile of the curtain, activates with the given command and provides the curtain to open and close. In this way, the time to benefit from sunlight can be easily adjusted by the user. Today, motorized curtains are highly preferred thanks to this working principle.

Motorized Roller Blind Models

Motorized roller blinds, also known as remote-controlled blinds, have become the first choice of those who want to use mechanism blinds. In addition, since automation systems are used in all areas of life, this situation is also reflected on the curtains. Thanks to the developing technologies, roller blinds are now managed by remote control. As a result, it can be used without any difficulty in the process of opening and closing the curtains.

These products, which add a beautiful appearance to living spaces, are also used in offices. In addition, remote-controlled curtains, which have started to be used in different areas such as restaurants and hotels, offer unlimited color and model options. Especially since it has a quality fabric texture, it is ideal for those who want to choose classical decoration. It should not be forgotten that digitally printed modern designs have also been used recently.

Benefits of Using Motorized Roller Blinds

First of all, these curtains, which make life easier, are ideal for anyone who wants to make a modern use. Thanks to its mechanism, it is generally preferred in areas where curtains are used a lot. For example, roller blinds can be preferred to have a more beautiful appearance in areas where stage curtains are used. In this way, an uninterrupted display can be achieved. In addition, the mechanism can only be controlled by the remote control. In this way, you can have the chance to open and close more than one curtain.

The motorized curtain to be used for more than one area can also be preferred by having different buttons on its control. Naturally, after learning which button is used to open and close which curtain, you can start the application.

Motorized curtain models, which can be activated with a single button, have become indispensable for smart home systems. All curtains in the house can be opened and closed at the same time with a single button. Or curtains in different areas can be managed in this way.

Motorized Roller Blinds Maintenance and Cleaning

While producing roller blinds, different fabrics are used. A special finishing is applied to the fabrics obtained as raw, and it is ensured that they are practically wrapped on the curtain pipe. In addition, roller blind fabrics can be of different weaving densities and fineness. For this reason, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the yarns as they are different.

The finish used in roller blinds has a hardening feature. In this way, dust can be kept between the curtain fabric. As a result, roller blinds are less polluted than other types of curtains. In general, when cleaning motorized roller blinds, the application can be made without the need to remove the pipes from the curtain.

Soft towels or cloths can be used during the cleaning and drying stages of roller blinds. After the drying process is completed, it is attached to the motorized mechanism and opened downwards. In this way, damp parts will also be ventilated and the curtain will dry.

Is Motorized Roller Blind Useful?

Motorized roller blinds are always useful. Because these curtains made of polyester fabrics are both economical and durable. Since they are finished, they can be used up to 5 years. Since polyester fabrics are extremely convenient to use, they do not cause problems during the cleaning phase. Naturally, roller blinds made of cotton fabrics do not need to be washed either. It can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.
The motorized curtain, which is widely used today, adds an aesthetic appearance to the areas of use. Since it is a quality curtain type, it has become an indispensable part of modern home decorations. As an alternative to motorized curtains, chain or slow spring systems can also be used. However, it should not be forgotten that choosing motorized curtains is always an advantage in order to achieve the most modern appearance and ease of use.

Motorized Roller Blind Prices

For detailed information about motorized roller blinds prices, please contact our decorai curtain representative. You can get the most detailed information about motorized roller blinds prices by using one of the communication channels. Our price policy is to bring professional service to the customer at an economical rate.

Motorized Roller Blinds Price

You can follow our motorized roller blind price list for 2022 and 2023 in our PDF file brochure. Please contact us to be informed about current campaigns and offers.

Automatic Roller Blinds

We have two types of curtain production and supply, manual and automatic. For automatic roller blind models and prices, request the brochure for 2020. Automatic roller blind systems are professionally managed by Dekoray Curtain systems from the first to the last stage. Determining and implementing what you need is covered by our solution team. We make the right choice of automatic roller blinds for you as a result of free exploration and analysis of our experts.

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Motorized Roller Blind Prices

Controlled Roller Blind Prices

Please contact us about remote controlled and remote controlled roller blinds prices. Dekoray Curtain systems, which offer quality at affordable prices, are always with you.7

Electric Roller Blinds

All of our curtain systems are completed with electric roller blind systems. We offer a user-friendly interface and commander method at every stage. Please contact us for electric roller blind models and prices. Is Motorized Roller Blind Useful?

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