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Motorized Projection Screen

Motorized Projection Screen Prices and Models

What is Projection Screen?

The projection screen, which is specially produced for projectors, is also produced from a special fabric. Motorized Projection Screen has an opaque feature as it is covered with optical material. In this way, it reflects the incoming image in a quality way. There are many factors to be considered when purchasing projection screens, which are mostly used in education offices, movie theaters and conferences. It should be noted that these products, which are also called with different names according to their intended use, are specially prepared according to the device and place.

Motorlu Projeksiyon Perdesi Modelleri
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Projection Screen Types

Motorized projection screen prepared with different types can be examined in 5 different ways. These curtains, which you can buy as motorized curtains, roller blinds, silver, footed and transparent curtains, should be chosen according to the purpose of use. First of all, there is an automatic system in motorized projection screens. You can easily manage the system in question with the remote control. Roller projection screens are used manually. Transparent curtains are preferred in corporate applications. Because in this application, images are given from the back. While the free-standing models provide easy freedom of movement, a clear view can be obtained on silver curtains.

Roller Projection Curtains

Manual motorized projection screens, which are offered at the most affordable prices today, can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall. It is also manually controlled. The long-term use of the curtain is all about how the spring mechanism is used. In other words, if the spring mechanism is durable, you can use the manual projection screen with roller blinds for a long time. The spring mechanism in the roller blind also carries the weight of the curtain. Therefore, production can be made up to 250 cm width. However, when larger size wall or ceiling mounted projection screens are used, motorized options are preferred.

Motorized Projection Screens

Just like roller blinds, motorized projection screens that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall have a very practical use. The only difference from roller blinds is that it is motorized and thus can be controlled with a remote control. Some models today use a wall-mounted wired panel instead of a remote control.

Motorized projection screen costs a little more than roller blinds. However, it also has some advantages. These models, which have a much longer service life, are suitable for large-sized preferences. It can also be used easily in areas with high ceilings. On motorized curtains, the time for fluctuation, potency or a disturbing image to occur is longer. For this reason, the user base of motorized projection screens is increasing day by day.

Sinema Salonu Perdesi
Sinema Salonu Perdesi

Footed Projection Screens

For curtains that cannot be fixed to the wall or ceiling, curtains with tripod legs are the best solution. Footed projection screens are used only by being mounted on the foot mechanism. While the curtain can be installed anywhere you want on the foot, it also provides practicality in carrying. In addition, when using a standing motorized projection screen, which is a practical and robust product, the surface on which the screen will be projected must be of good quality.

Footed, stretch motor and roller projection screens are among the most used types today. In addition to these, there are fixed framed, motorized and fast-fold curtain types.

Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen

Stretch motorized screens are similar in function to motorized projection screens. Users with sensitive eyes may experience discomfort when using these models. In addition, curling of the edges, undulation or potting may be disturbed. In this type of curtain, when the curtains are opened, the curtain is stretched with two different ropes. Finally, in Tensioned projection screen systems, there is no such thing as curling of the edges or waving.

Fast Fold Projection Screen

Fast-fold curtains for mobile use can also be produced in large sizes. Therefore, the tripod legs can be used more than once. Fast Fold Projection Screen This type of screen, whose frame frame is modular, is easy to disassemble and assemble. This model, which is mostly used in outdoor organizations, brings a quality appearance.

Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Fixed Frame, fixed frame projection screen, which is one of the fixed frame screen types, is specially produced. After the frame is stretched, an image is obtained from the curtain hung on the wall. It is the type of curtain with the highest and most beautiful viewing pleasure. However, it can be said that this curtain, which is fixed on the wall, is not suitable for every space. It would be more logical to use a fixed frame projection screen in areas with wider and more open pains.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Projection Screen?

The projection screen, which provides a smooth and clear image to be watched, is the most important part of the presentation and cinema system. So what should you pay attention to when buying a projection screen for a quality image? However, a good projection screen must be made of opaque fabric. The front part of the fabric should also be covered with quality materials. Again, light gray and white colors can be preferred for the front surface. The back surface should be completely black. In addition to this information, the things to consider when buying a projection screen are listed as follows;

  • Curtains should have an outer border. Since the black frames will have a perceptual effect, it is explained that it should not be focused out of the lines on the outer border.
  • Quality projection screens should be produced from completely opaque fabrics. As a result, the light coming to the screen may have a chance to reflect in the same way.
  • The front part of the curtain fabric should be covered with a material with high optical efficiency. In this way, the light coming to the curtain is not absorbed by the fabric and is reflected back.
  • The gain ratio on the curtains should be between 0.94 and 2.5. The gain ratio indicates the rate at which light can be reflected back without absorbing it.
  • The reflecting surface of the screen should be light gray or matte white. While light gray curtains are preferred for high-contrast devices, matte white curtains can be used in bright environments.

Projection Screen Usage Areas

The projection screen, which has a very important place in working life, ensures that the information to be transferred is reflected on the screen in the fastest and most beautiful way. This information, transmitted through the reflector, can be read by obtaining a high standard image. In addition, projectors should be selected among quality products. Motorized projection screen models are more than one and should be evaluated according to the usage area.

The most important functional feature of these curtains draws attention with tripod legs or fixing them to the wall. We strongly recommend that you contact our company when choosing the most beautiful projection screen made of quality fabrics and materials. Because, thanks to the curtains specially prepared for you, the penetration of light from the external environment to the surface is prevented, and there is no brightness or a situation that disturbs the eyes.

Projection Screen Models And Prices

Motorized projector screen prices vary according to the quality of the material. It also varies according to functional working properties and fabric dimensions. While our company shares the best quality projection screen models with you, it provides service with an understanding of affordable prices. In our company, where there are options suitable for your budget, you can also reach every type of curtain you need. We guarantee that you always have quality products while organizing personalized campaigns.

Best Projection Screen

As the best projection screen manufacturer in the market, we use specially designed and specially developed nano-technology screen display systems for you to achieve the best image quality.

How to make a projection screen from our blog posts? We recommend that you read our article.

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