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Motorized Curtain

Motorized Curtain Systems Types and Models

Dekoray Kurumsal

You can see the product groups of Dekoray Motorized Curtain Systems in this area. We are at your service with our best quality product groups in terms of applicability in every dimension and in every field.

With the rise of smart home workplace technology, everything has become so smart that controlling curtains requires little or no human intervention. You no longer need to pull the strings hanging on the window to open or close the curtains in your home. You just need to do what you want with just one click. Of course, this system is provided with motorized curtain technology. Remote Control Curtain models are designed to automatically reduce or increase daylight with just the click of a remote control. As Dekoray Curtain, we list the top 10 Remote Control Curtain systems of 2023. We have listed each motorized curtain system for you. Eminziki, one of the most suitable electric automatic motorized curtain systems products for both your business and your home will be the most suitable one for you.

Motorized Curtain Prices

After every innovation and technological development, the most frequently questioned subject of people is the prices of the products they will buy. A similar situation arises in motorized curtain prices. Together, they play a role in price performance and price & quality measurement.

Selection of quality products and effective service play a high role in determining the prices of motorized curtains. Today, as with every product’s quality classes, the quality of motorized curtain products is left to the choices of the end users.

People who want to buy quality curtains want to see the quality of the service they buy as 100%, taking into account the material size.

Motorized Curtain Models

Motorized Curtain Systems

As it is known, people benefit from the latest technological and smart systems in order to keep up with the developing technology. There is an increase in the options of motorized curtain systems that lead the curtain sector as well. When purchasing motorized curtain systems, you should work with a company that manages this process well from the very beginning to the end. You can definitely have the most suitable and useful product for you with the recommendations of the experts.

Electric Curtain

The use of automatic electric curtains among the people is increasing compared to the past. The biggest factor among these is the implementation of smart home and office systems. Institutions are turning to electric curtain systems for less consumption and time saving. In an institution, it is possible to control all curtains from a single control point, as well as collectively from a single device and by a single person. In addition, newly developed electric curtain systems can now be used with time adjustment. We can know as an example of this that the curtains are activated at certain time intervals for gain at sunrise.

electronic curtain

It may be possible to divide electronic curtain groups into several groups as semi-automatic and fully automatic models. For example, even if there is no active use in our country, smart home management systems with voice commands such as Google assistant and Amazon allow full automatic electronic curtain experience.

Electric Curtain Prices

For current electric curtain prices, please get information from us by writing at the phone or contact addresses. Pricing changes according to the current exchange rate change and the size and dimensions of the products to be preferred. Electric curtain prices do not have a fixed starting price or a maximum price scale. Here, the main thing that determines the price is based on the bogeymen to be used next to the preferred product.

Operated Curtain

If we say that it is the most popular and useful of automatic systems, it may have found its full meaning. Operated curtains maintain their popularity year after year. They are the most frequently used models especially for hotels and large glassed-in office businesses. Ultra-luxury hotels and places that provide accommodation services want to provide their visitors with a lasting good experience through controlled curtains.

Operated Curtain Price

Controlled curtain price scales vary according to usage areas. Even if the mechanisms used ( Operated Curtain Price) have a fixed price, it varies proportionally with the size and length of the area to be installed.

At this point, the special curtain types to be used on the fabric, together with the mechanisms, and the controlled curtain price rates change.

Remote Control Curtain

Operated curtains are divided into two groups among themselves. There are two types of curtains with wired control and remote control. Remote-controlled models are preferred instead of remote-controlled models every day. With most of the new generation technologies, remote control curtains sensitive to voice commands and touch smart commands are preferred. People keep the daylight under their control by touching the keys with the help of voice command and a remote control at the hotel or at home.

Automatic Curtain Systems

Each curtain system with or without a remote control, with sound or with a touch of a button, is known as automatic curtain systems. Single and unique automatic curtain systems can be used together, such as systems that can work in combination with more than one or multiple. Each system chosen in accordance with its purpose, as well as having common points, is planned for users to save time and comfort.

Automatic Curtain

Manual and automatic curtains are incomparably rated by the consumer on comfort. Closing and opening the curtains of your windows without getting up while watching a movie. Closing the curtains of the conference room to block the daylight while giving a presentation and concentrating on your work at the same time saves time for the consumer and the user.

As it is known, automatic curtain systems work with an electric motor. In order for them to be healthy and useful, the most suitable automatic curtain motor is used for each curtain mechanism.

Curtain Motor

Motorized stage curtain or motorized acoustic stage curtain requires engineering that requires force.

As a result, the curtains are a web and the curtain motor should be able to control this weight easily. Otherwise, during the show, the audience may regret their curtain motor glitches. Or when you want to use a heavy curtain or to control a multiple and wide area, the movement motor of your mechanism should be of a quality that can handle this load.

Curtain Motor Price

Please contact us for the curtain motor price list for motorized curtain products. Contact us for all kinds of information and support in terms of technical support. Please contact 0212 221 02 04 phone number to get price of curtain motor.

Smart Curtain Systems

The future of automatic and motorized curtains

generation models will be smart curtain systems. Systems that integrate with smart home, smart hotel room and smart office management, especially with phone, tablet and voice command, will be a decoration you will see frequently in the coming years. Controlled curtain, smart curtain systems are generally used for custom-made smart homes and offices in this period. It is available in systems that work according to sound sensitive sound analysis.

In general, the technology in the new transformation often includes smart curtain systems.

Remote Control Curtain Making

We transform old-style curtain decorations into a motorized automatic system with the production of new generation remote-controlled curtains as decoray curtains. With the combination of certain assemblies and products, it is possible to renew them with new generation intelligent controlled systems. However, our expert team needs to see and evaluate the area beforehand in order to make the correct determination in every area and in every condition.

If you want to get information about remote control curtain making and meet with motorized curtain systems, call us. Phone 0212 221 02.

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