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Acoustic Curtain Systems (Sound Curtain)

Acoustic Curtain Systems (Sound Curtain) Models, Prices

Acoustic Curtain Systems

Acoustic curtain systems, which have the feature of absorbing sound and therefore also known as sound curtain, are frequently preferred models in many different public spaces and offices. These special curtains, which are produced with high-end fabric quality as well as technology support, are purchased on online platforms by buyers who benefit from installment payment opportunities. Thanks to its special dimensions suitable for every structure, its usage areas are also quite high. Acoustic curtain systems, which have many different types, are also preferred because of their long warranty period of 5 years.

Akustik Perde Sistemleri
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First Option in Acoustic Curtain Systems: Sun Shading Curtains

The most important feature of these products is to have a non-flammability certificate. In this way, it has ideal standards for safe use as well as aesthetic and functional features. Thanks to its special structure that does not allow the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun to penetrate, it is often preferred in homes, offices and other places suitable for use. These curtains, which are the number one choice of women thanks to their easy cleaning feature, are on sale with discount rates of up to thirty percent.

Sound Curtain PricesAcoustic Curtains with Sound Absorption Feature

Sound-absorbing acoustic curtain systems, which are frequently preferred in areas that serve the crowd, especially in theater stages, also have a usage volume in special halls where panels and conferences are held. These systems, which are frequently preferred in concert stages, can also be produced by taking special measurements. Apart from this, the curtains, which are also preferred in showrooms and television studios, promise a complete comfort of use thanks to their sound absorption properties.

Options Available in Sound Absorbing Acoustic Curtains

  1. Noise Canceling Curtains: Noise-cancelling curtains, produced as 3 and 4 layers, are especially used in buildings and houses on the street. Since these special curtain systems, which minimize car sounds, are considered ideal for much quieter and more peaceful working environments, they have also started to be used frequently in offices. Although the main colors are in light tones such as white and cream, other color alternatives can be browsed when ordering.
  2. Special Velvet Curtains: Velvet fabric curtains, which are distinguished from their counterparts by their deep structure extending up to seven layers in total, can be considered as another option. More affordable models, on the other hand, have five layers and are available from stores and online outlets. These products allow to be used even in offices and meeting rooms without walls.
  3. Outdoor Curtains: Recent options include outdoor blinds. Unlike other systems, these systems can be used indoors as well as outdoors. There are color alternatives in open-air curtains, which can also be used on balconies and terraces.
Akustik Perde Sistemleri
Acoustic Curtain Systems

sound absorbing curtain

In studies with acoustic pitch, the decrease in the noise level of noisy and multi-resonant environments has been determined to a large extent. Unconsciously, the background sounds in the environment you are in are very tiring for our minds. Even if short-term exposure can cause temporary attention deficit, working for a long time in places that are not divided by sound pitch or sound insulation can create chronic fatigue and distraction.

Soundproof Curtain

The sound curtain (acoustic curtain), which is known as a soundproof curtain among the people, is used in most government institutions and institutions related to music and sound, such as conservatories. The common point of such institutions is to reduce the sound pollution to the lowest levels, which will occur as a result of studies related to sound from multiple and more than one area.

Sound Curtain Prices

Sound pitch prices may be higher than normal pitch prices. The reason for this is that the curtains with thick and sound absorbing texture are of higher quality. Since the aim is to reduce sound pollution rather than a blackout curtain for light, it is to use thick curtains that will trap the sound.

Please contact us for sound curtain prices. The prices of fabrics and products of all sizes and thicknesses are variable.

Sound Insulation Curtain

Sound insulation curtain, or soundproof curtain, is of great importance for every person who cares about acoustic insulation. As Dekoray curtain systems, we are aware of this.

Soundproof Curtain

Soundproof curtain is naturally a lightproof curtain. The thick soundproof curtain, which can often be seen from theater halls, is used in many areas.

Acoustic Curtain Models

For acoustic curtain models, please contact our customer representative. Get instant information about detailed prices and current campaigns.

Acoustic Curtain Price

Call us for the current acoustic curtain price list. Let us determine the detailed information according to your needs.

thick curtain models and prices

When using sound curtains, it is necessary to research thick pitch models and prices.

ceiling sound insulation prices

ceiling sound insulation prices

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